Victor Edelstein 1842-1921

Mioser & Edelstein headquarters: Merchants House, Peckover Street Little Germany

Victor Julius Edelstein was born in Binteln-on-Weser, Germany in 1842.  He came to England in 1868 and for a year lived in Leeds before settling in to Bradford.

In 1872 he started the firm of Edelstein Moser & Company, merchants and shippers in woollen and worsted products.

He was a member of the Council of the Chamber of Commerce, Director of the
Wharfedale Estate Company, and Chairman of the Joint Hospital Committee.

Victor Edelstein:Named as a member of the council of the Bradford Chamber of Commerce.

He married Anne Gottschalk of Dusseldorf, daughter of J Gottschalk, MD of The Hebrew Grammar School in Jaffa, called ‘Herzlia’ in Jaffa which was created in 1906 for the
purpose of providing a European secondary education through the medium of the
Hebrew language and spirit and adding to this a knowledge of Hebrew culture. It also aimed to prepare its pupils for universities and technical schools so that they would
become professional people working in Palestine and the adjacent countries.
The school was established by several Palestinian teachers and parents who were concerned about their children’s secondary education, it was supported by tuition fiecs which were scaled to parent’s earnings. The school grew class by class every year until
the complete number was reached in 1913. In 1907, to help with its upkeep a shareholding association was founded (the Hebrew Gymnasia Association) and 600 shares were sold and the money used for the development of the school.
During the First World War, with strong anti German feeling across the UK, the Edelsteins would change their surname, along “with half of Bradford” as it has been said. Although this is obviously an exaggeration, a large number, the exact population is unknown did change their German forenames and surnames. Victor Edelstein, rebranded himself and his business as Victor Elston. He had a son, Adolphus Julius Edelstein, who also followed him into the business, as this link to an entry in the London Gazette from June 1915 shows. Victor Edelstein (Elston) died on December 21st 1921. His residence was at Oaklands in the then affluent district of Manningham, Bradford.
Edelstein becomes Elston: London Gazette June 1915

Edelstein becomes Elston: London Gazette June 1915