Magnus Bromberg 1838-1905

69. Magnus Bromberg

Magnus Bromberg was a tailor who was the son of Abraham Libe and Mirel Bromberg. He was related to  Mark Bromberg and was possibly his brother. He lived in Bradford during some of the worst social and industrial  conditions the city had ever seen. His employment as a tailor was clearly not something which earned him only a meagre living. Though he lived what must have been a very humble existance at number 10 Ebenezer Street, Bradford, he died aged 67, a pauper at the Union Work House in Bradford. The site of the Bradford Work House is now part of St Luke’s Hospital.

Magnus Bromberg died  on the 7th September 1905. The informant of his death was the Master of the Union Workhouse

Former Bradford Union Workhouse, St Luke’s Hospital
Photo courtesy of Peter Higginbotham 2001