Lewis Freed 1833-1882

16. Lewis Freed 1833-1882

Lewis Freed was born in or around 1833. By the summer of 1882 he lived at 7 Hillside Villas, Bradford. He found work not as a fanciful merchant like many of the Jews of Bradford, but as a simple hawker. He was effectively an itinerant Jewish peddler, flogging his wares around the town. Or  perhaps even canvassing his trade, going door-to-door, hoping the next door to open would throw open the opportunity of his next successful sale; a sale that may put food into his hungry belly or that of his children for that evening. Lewis Freed the lowly Hawker died  in the summer of 1882, on the first day of the seventh month. He was just aged 49, which at the time, in the high Victorian period was just above the national average life expectancy which by 1901 had crept up to 48.

A Jewish peddler selling his wares on the streets as Lewis Freed would have done.

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