George Layton

Bradford born writer, actor, singer, dancer, voice over artist and playwright George Layton

Bradford born writer, actor, singer, dancer, voice over artist and playwright George Layton

George Layton hails from a family who arrived in Bradford as refugees from Czechoslovakia just before the outbreak of the Second World War. His family’s’ original name was Lowy. He was born 2nd March 1943 in Bradford to Freddie and Edith Layton.  He has a brother Peter Layton who is a glass-blower, sculpture and artist based in London.

He has been an actor on our screens and on the stage since the 1960′s, starring in such memorable productions as Doctor in the House playing the character of medical student Paul Collier and the two series which folllowed it Doctor at Large and Doctor in Charge. He is also well known for playing Bombardier Solly Solomons in the first two series of It Ain’t Half Hot Mum as well as roles in  The Likely Lads, Z-Cars, The Liver Birds and the The Sweeney.

Lately he has returned to the role a playing TV doctors in BBC hospital dramas Casualty and Holby City. He is also a recognisable figure in adverts, adding his voice and personality to entice viewers and listeners into buying various products and services. Also he has played the character of Norman in the  long running British TV soap opera Eastenders, back in 2011.  Norman has been described as ‘hapless, clumsy and unlucky in life… a lonely, good-hearted man’.

In the summer of 2010 he apeared on the stage in the lead role of  Morry the taior in the play The Bespoke Overcoat.

Here is a clip of the original short film from 1956, which was directed by Jack Clayton, and starred Alfie Bass and David Kossoff.



Goerge can most recently be seen in an advert for Liverpool Victoria car insurance. There is also an historic video on YouTube of  George in an advert for the alcoholic beverage Guiness.

As George appeared in his roles in the 1960's.

As George appeared in his roles in the 1960′s.

George Layton as Bombardier 'Solly' in It Ain't Half Hot Mum

As Bombardier ‘Solly’ in It Ain’t Half Hot Mum

George Layton appearing on ITV's Loose Women in July 2010

George Layton appearing on ITV’s Loose Women in July 2010








As well as been in front of the camera, George has worked behind it as a writer. He has written three novels, portraying what could be a semi autobiographical account of family life in post war Northern England. These are  The Fib and Other StoriesThe Swap and Other Stories and The Trick and Other Stories.

George Layton's novels, The Fib, The Swap & The Trick

George Layton’s three novels, The Fib, The Swap &  The Trick

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